No Income Verification Required - No Doc HELOC Loans and No Doc Equity Loan []

No Income Verification Required - No Doc HELOC Loans and No Doc Equity Loan []

Question by : Anyone know a good no doc mortgage lender in nyc? Best answer for Anyone know a good no doc mortgage lender in nyc?:

Answer by Rick B
Not anymore! You are not likely to find it these days.

Answer by redwine
There are essentially no more no doc mortgage lenders. Good luck. textbook

Answer by Kyle C
I am licensed in that state theres ways it can be done we can use bank statements

Answer by Miss V
Google NYC to see if there is a State Banking Commission or mortgage lending group. I've also heard that the no doc loans are virtually all gone. Washington Mutual hasn't gone to jail yet, so there's a possibility.

Answer by Tim W
With tightening on the sub-prime market, no doc can be harder to secure. Here is a resource for you to try. I will list below in the source box.It is a simple one page on line application with no fee. No credit check will be run without your approval and they have access to over 200 lenders nationwide. Good luck.

[no doc mortgage lenders] as the name implies, you will get access to professional advice about no doc loans. The site covers topics such as stated income loans, no doc mortgages, and no doc personal loans so you will definitely not be dissapointed! No Doc Loan

There are no doc HELOC loans and no doc equity loans that are perfect for special situations that have trouble verifying their income. These type of mortgages will not require you to submit a huge stack of documents to prove anything. This is one of the parts of the mortgage process that can be very frustrating.

Many of those that are looking for a good refinance like no documentation equity loans and HELOC loans because they make the mortgage process faster for them. These loans also can be called stated income loans, which will allow you to state a specific amount as your monthly income and the loan company will not verify this number with tax forms or paycheck stubs.

Loan companies all offer different products, but they are usually very similar. There are companies that are in business to deal with those that don't have the best of credit and there are some that deal with only good credit.

You can even use a broker, which will give you access to many different types of companies through one broker.

Finding the right lender to give you the no doc, no income verification mortgage loan you want can be a bit difficult. You need to start with a quote from a broker and quotes from at least three mortgage companies. This should be free and if they try to charge you, then you need to avoid that company.

You should shop your rate, the loan to value, and the fees from one to another companies. Once you have found your lowest quote let the other companies know what deal you are getting and they might match or beat that quote. Then, you need to go with the mortgage company that has the best deal and gives you the best customer service for your no doc HELOC loan or no doc equity loan. More No Income Verification Required - No Doc HELOC Loans and No Doc Equity Loan Issues

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